• AirTouch Cellular Telephone
    Individual “cell” sites throughout Los Angeles County, all of which are interior improvements within office or retail buildings, presenting a significant challenge in providing the power and standby generator needed to support each site.

  • General Telephone (GTE)
    Satellite, repeater, exchange, and carrier facilities in Los Angeles County, adding to the already extensive network of this local telephone carrier.

  • Merridian Communications
    Originally planned for local radio service, these mountaintop facilities were converted during the design phase into collocation sites, designed to support a large number of customers wishing to use the antennas for transmission, signal repeating, or cellular radio and paging services.

  • Nextel Communications
    As the local radio communication company, originally named Fleetcall, moved into the cellular market, calling themselves Smart S.M.R., we were there providing assistance in prototype development as well as site design. When the company began its major expansion and changed its name to Nextel, we were there, providing electrical design for facilities from Monterey Bay to the Mexican border.

  • Los Angeles Cellular Telephone Company (LACTC)
    Since this company’s beginning, we have been involved with the design and/or retrofit of well over a hundred facilities. Half of these are modular units are located in remote sites, schoolyards, parking structures, etc. The rest are interior improvements of commercial lease spaces. Each presented a unique challenge in bringing power and communications to the cellular equipment.

  • British Telecommunications Broadcast Services (BT/BS)
    Located in Marina Del Rey, California, this is the one and the only present division of BT on the West Coast, designed to provide Australian (and other Pacific Rim) television to the United States. The need for the client to have space for five 7-9 meter diameter satellite dishes pointed in very specific angles meant the design of concealment. In addition, a sophisticated security system was implemented to protect the facility and exterior equipment.

  • GTE Sprint
    The anchor of our performance with Sprint is a full floor switching facility in downtown Los Angeles. Designed in 1983 as one of the first for this company, we acted not only as the prime design consultant but as construction managers as well.

  • Teleport Communications Group (TCG)
    Electrical design of facilities for this reseller in Sherman Oaks and Carson, California. Critical for this client was the protection of redundant paths of connection to a multitude of long-distance telephone companies.

  • MCI Telecommunications
    Since the first West Coast facility in Sherman Oaks, California, in 1982, Silver Engineering has been very active with this company’s growth. We have moved from being a sub-consultant to an architect to a prime consultant, to direct consultant to MCI personnel. We have aided the Construction Engineering staff of MCI in preparing initial project definitions to oversee the construction and critical power cut-overs on live equipment. This includes projects for Long Distance, Local Services, Collocation, Partnerships (like Concert with British Telecommunications), and sensitive customers like the FAA and NASDAQ. We have been involved with more than thirty facilities in California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, and New Mexico.

  • MCI Metro Telecommunications
    We designed and oversaw the construction of the Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles switching facilities for the initial effort of this long-distance giant to enter the local services market.

  • WorldCom
    Dependent on our services, the Regional Facilities Engineering and Construction staff of MCI continued to utilize the staff of Silver Engineering as consultants when the company was purchased by WorldCom in 1999. Since then, we have been involved with the design and construction of more than twenty additional facilities, including a 180,000 square foot twenty-megawatt multi-floor multi-use facility in downtown Los Angeles.

  • Qwest Communications (f.k.a. LCI)
    We were instrumental in the design of not only the electrical and miscellaneous signal systems but also the basic building layout for this large ground-up facility in Sacramento, California. The building was near completion when LCI Telecommunications was purchased by Qwest.

  • Pihana Pacific (f.k.a. PIXC)
    A full-floor expansion of the Los Angeles collocation facility for the company was formally known as Pacific Internet Exchange Company. The scope of this project included high-voltage switchboards, generator synchronizing switchgear, access control, security cameras, fire alarm, and leak detection systems, as well as multiple redundant UPS and power distribution units to support a load of 750 watts per square meter for the Pacific Rim company.

  • Other Telecommunications Clients
    We have had the privilege of designing one or more facilities for the following clients: MCCA Microwave and Argo Communications in Sherman Oaks; Switch and Data Facilities in Portland, Oregon; Star Telecommunications, WCT/Frontier Communications, and Splitrock Services in Los Angeles.

  • Carrier Hotels
    The late 1990s brought investors together with a new idea, to provide leasable space designed exclusively for telecommunications companies. These facilities are typically large buildings located near major fiber-optic routes and are designed with ample space for standby generators and HVAC equipment. To support the 100 to 150 watts per square foot of power requested by the tenants, this usually requires a dedicated utility substation on-site and lengthy negotiations with the local power utility. We have been heavily involved with several buildings in California and Washington.