• Industrial Parks
    During the economic expansion of the 1980s, our firm had designed over a million square feet of speculative industrial space each year. Included in our list of accomplishments are:

  • Channel Island Business Center in Oxnard, California

  • Industrial Complex of Camarillo, Camarillo, California

  • Atlantic Aviation Center in Long Beach, California

  • Valley Business Center in Santa Clarita, California

  • Fairsky Commerce Center in Santa Maria, California

  • Black Mountain Business Park in Henderson, Nevada

  • P.T. Broco Business Center in Jakarta, Java, Indonesia

  • Industrial Clients
    In addition to the many speculative buildings for land developers, we have a long list of companies enlisting our services and expertise in designing their manufacturing facilities. Not all of them could be named here, but some of the more recognizable users are:

  • Frito Lay Inc., Chef America, McKesson Water Products, Fresh Prep Salads, Baker Boy Bakeries

  • Xerox Corp., Bugle Boy Industries, Chatsworth Products, Kavlico Industries, Inland Steel Company

  • Camarillo Daily News, TV Fanfare Publications, The Herald Examiner, Viking Lithograph, Holden Color

  • CoreVent Bio-Engineering, Iso-Science Laboratories, PTI Technologies, Meissner Filtration Products

  • Propaganda Films, Santa Clarita Studios, Technicolor Duplication Services, Vidfilm Duplications Corp

  • Bennet Photo Processing, Perfect Photo Processing, Thrifty Photo Processing, Electro Adaptor Plating

  • Sebastian International, Francosmetics International, INX Ink Corporation, Pacific Balloon, Rubbercraft.